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Sedation Clinic

Stay calm and relaxed at the dentist

Are your nerves preventing you from getting the vital treatment you need? 

Worry no more. Our sedation clinic will keep you calm and relaxed during treatment. Not a full general anaesthetic, just a mild sedative to ensure you're completely comfortable. People often refer to it as 'twilight sleep' which means zero stress or anxiety for you.


In Safe Hands

Not every dental practice can offer a sedation service. This is because it can only be administered by a specially trained Dentist who have received the required training such as The Society of Advancement in Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD).  Our sedation specialist will make sure you receive sedation in a safe and effective way, making the vital treatment as stress free as possible.

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Team Member Spotlight


Lisa Sanger

Dental Nurse & Receptionist

Lisa has worked with us for a number of years and is a valuable member of the team. She is well known among our clients for her quiet, caring manner which helps them to relax. This is especially important for those clients who are dental phobic.

When she’s not being a dental nurse Lisa loves to go out walking with her dogs, or listen to music. Amy Winehouse is one of her favourite singers.