Retained Dentures

  • Secure your denture cost effectively
  • Fresh breath confidence as exceptionally hygienic
  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • Laugh, smile, eat and talk with 100% confidence

Ill-fitting dentures invariably lead to chronic embarrassment and discomfort.  Often making you rethink the foods you can eat and enjoy, which may mean having to avoid some of your favourite foods too.

When Dentures are causing you embarrassment it’s time to take action!

Other negative effects of traditional dentures:

  • Loose, ill-fitting dentures can cause ulcers and soreness of the gums
  • Traditional dentures restrict your lifestyle. You might avoid eating certain things, some of which can be your favourite foods, such as steak or crunchy apples
  • They can make you feel incredibly self-conscious when socialising
  • Did you know there are some taste-buds located in the roof of your mouth?  Traditional dentures cover the roof of the mouth, thereby hiding these taste-buds away by replacing them with an acrylic cover.  So your ‘eating experience’ is very different for you.

In Safe Hands

Michel, our in-house Implantologist, has performed over 3000 successful implant procedures. Every single one of his clients has walked away happy. This is because Michel and the Team at Welling Corner Dental Practice will work with you every step of the way to achieve the most successful outcome and you are completely happy.

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"The result was so much better than I expected. I really wish I had had a Retained Denture years ago.”

Martin, Kent

Team Member Spotlight


Michel Heidweiller

Dental Implantologist

When it comes to dental implants, Michel is at the top of his game. He has a BSc in Biochemistry (Rutgers University, New Jersey) and went on to complete a degree in dentistry at the Vrije University of Amsterdam, graduating in 1985. Michel continued his postgraduate education at the renowned academic centres UCLA California and the University of Berne in Switzerland. He also worked an apprenticeship alongside Dr G de Lange, a ground-breaking researcher of cell biology. 

Throughout his education Michel’s special interest has always been in the field of oral bone and oral tissue. This has formed a strong foundation upon which he built a successful career in the field of dental implantology. 

With nearly 30 years experience, Michel has successfully completed over 3000 implant procedures and has gained an international reputation for excellence in dental implantology. 

Michel donates a portion of his fee to the charity Operation Smile which aims to improve the quality of life for young people in some of the poorest areas of the world.