Dental Implants

The ultimate solution for missing teeth

  • Never again be afraid to talk and smile
  • Regain the freedom to eat what you like
  • Implants are often stronger than real teeth
  • Successful implants restore up to 98% oral functionality
  • Can last a lifetime

The Smile that Time Forgot

Losing a tooth can have long-lasting psychological effects. It makes you afraid to laugh, smile and speak in public, and this damages your self-esteem.

A missing tooth can really hold you back - it may prevent you from meeting friends, going for interviews, or applying for promotions. Not only that, missing teeth can cause your cheeks and lips to sink as there’s nothing to support them. In turn, this can make you appear older.

For many people dental implants are more than replacement teeth, they are a restoration of self-confidence and a forgotten smile.

Natural and Healthy

Another great thing about implants is they are as close to natural teeth as you can get, and they can eliminate the need to cut down healthy teeth for a bridge.


In Safe Hands

Michel, our in-house Implantologist, has performed over 3000 successful implant procedures. Every single one of his clients has walked away happy. This is down to his tremendous skill, high standards and exacting techniques. His success rate is a testament to his brilliance. 

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