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I am so much more confident, the whole experience has changed my life.

Caroline's Smile

White Fillings (composite fillings)

Replace your mercury fillings with something safe and natural looking

Mercury fillings can be extremely unsightly and make you feel self-conscious.  They are also potentially bad for your health. In our opinion, this defeats the very purpose of ethical dentistry. 

Our aim is to give you the best possible treatment for tooth decay. White Fillings (or composite fillings) are the most effective way to repair cavities.

  • Extremely safe
  • Long lasting
  • Look natural, so when you laugh and smile no one will see them


We go the extra smile

Our dental fillings are crafted to the highest standard. This involves a delicate layering process, followed by a light curing to make sure it looks and behaves just like a normal tooth.

Welling Corner Dental Practice aims to give you the best possible treatment for tooth decay. White Fillings are the most effective way to repair cavities.

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It is always a mine field finding an experienced dentist who consistently delivers a high level of professionalism and quality whilst also being flexible and adapt to my work commitments. I have been lucky to have been treated by Luke in the last couple of years, I would like to thank Luke for his help on my journey to achieving a perfect smile.”

- James Haskell

Team Member Spotlight


Erik Lijesen

Principal Dentist

Erik is passionate about dentistry. For him, it’s more than just a service: it’s a precise art and a means to improve the lives of his clients. His philosophy is built around the idea of continual improvement so he’s always delivering the best and most cutting-edge services to his clients.

He is a great believer that to excel at cosmetic dentistry you have to be skilled in a similar way to an artist, as it’s important to consider not only the teeth but the personality, skin tone and facial symmetry when creating the best smiles. So a great artist - a great painting, a great dentist - a beautiful smile.

He first qualified with a degree in dentistry at the Vrije University of Amsterdam, graduating in 1986 and has continued to broaden his skill set ever since as well as being a master of general dentistry,

Erik has extensive training in both dental implants and advanced cosmetic dental treatments, and has been trained by some of the best dental practitioners from around the world.  These include the world renowned Didier Dietschi of the Geneva Smile Centre and Ash Parmar of Smile Design by Ash 

Not only does Erik have many years’ experience and a proven track record for excellence which has been recognised by Denplan Care who have extended Erik their elite marque, Denplan Excel, placing him amongst the top echelon of Denplan Care providers.  He is also a member of several leading dental organisations in the UK and abroad and is qualified to administer sedation by the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD), which can also assist nervous patients with overcoming their fear.

Outside of work Erik is an active family man and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife and family.  He is also a dab hand in the kitchen and enjoys cooking for family and friends, trying out new recipes.  His other passions are skiing and sailing and when time permits he enjoys following these pursuits which have taken him to Europe and beyond.