Drilling - No Thanks!

Treat cavities early and never face the drill again

This amazing technology treats early decay without drilling. That's right, no drilling!

We use this leading-edge system to help you avoid the drill.  When tooth decay is caught early, it can be repaired quickly and effectively by infiltrating and stabilizing the tooth.

  • Takes no more than 15 minutes
  • Your tooth will be completely restored
  • Safe for your teeth and your health

To avoid the drill, make sure you have regular check-ups so we can spot the decay and nip it in the bud.

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Team Member Spotlight


Erika Hennessy

Practice Manageress and Receptionist

When you step into our practice the first thing you’ll meet is the friendly smile of Erika. She is popular with our clients because she always greets them warmly, helping to put them at ease. Not only that, but she’ll readily go out of her way to answer your questions.

Outside of work she loves going for long strolls in the countryside - especially the Lake District!