Dental Crowns

Restore your teeth to their former glory with the right crown...

Lab-made Crowns Cerec Crowns & Fillings

Perfect for front teeth where appearance is the main priority ... 

An ideal solution for:

  • Broken teeth
  • Serious decay
  • Discoloured fillings

Lab-made crowns are the most common way to restore strength and shape to a broken tooth. In many cases, a simple crown can bring beauty and confidence back to a smile, and make things a lot more comfortable for you.

How does it work?

Step One
Your tooth is prepared and shaped for the crown.

Step Two
An impression is then taken of the affected tooth. We also take impressions of the adjacent teeth to make sure they and the crown fit together. This is important because if the crown doesn't match the size or follow the natural contours of the teeth, it can cause jaw pain and headaches. Not only that, but poorly fitted crowns create a visible margin at the gum line, which is unsightly. A properly fitted crown is undetectable, fits snugly and looks just like a real tooth.

Step Three
The impressions are sent to a specialist Dental Lab and the crowns are made specifically for you. The restoration is hand finished by Lab technicians who recreate the natural lustre and opalescence of your other teeth - until it's a perfect match!

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It's the best recommendation I have ever had as I now have a smile I am totally happy and confident with.

Juliette's Smile

Team Member Spotlight


Tracey Murphy

Oral Hygienist

Tracey has over 20 years of experience in the field of Oral Hygiene. She has taught in prestigious dental hospitals and has implemented training programs for oral hygienists across the country. 

Having started her professional career as a dental nurse, working her way up to a senior nursing position at Kings College Hospital London, Tracey has gained a wealth of knowledge. 

She is exceptionally popular with our clients. This is down to her caring attitude combined with an easygoing manner, as well as her expertise. Our clients benefit so much from her expert advice that many of them ask to come back between appointments.

Tracey treats many celebrity clients - but sometimes their fame goes over her head. One day she was chatting to a gentleman during treatment. She him asked what he did for a living, and he told her he was a pianist. ‘Are you any good?’ she said. At that point the penny dropped. The guy’s name was Jools Holland.