“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Mattie Stepanek

Welling Corner Dental Practice

A close-knit team of healthcare professionals whose main aim is to give you the best possible experience as well as the best treatment..

As well as keeping teeth and gums in tip-top condition, Dentistry is about transforming lives. Many people experience anxiety and low levels of self-confidence because of missing, crooked or discoloured teeth. Seeing the happiness on our clients' faces when we’ve helped restore their self-confidence is extremely rewarding.

This is because we are not motivated by money. Our ethos is very much based on people and their feelings. This is why we have a reputation for being personal, warm, friendly and sensitive, as well as being consummate professionals. This, we believe, is the key to our success. 

Our Ethic

Great advice, Great decisions, Great results

We are there for you. We'll always give you the best advice for your situation and give you all the options, and not just the most expensive fit. None of our dentists will ever mislead you.

We are also very approachable. So please feel free to ask us any questions.


Experts in Our Field

Our team is comprised of highly accomplished dental professionals who have many years of experience between them. They possess the right knowledge and skills with which to give you the best results. One of these skills is being able to understand your needs. We’ll treat you patiently and with kindness, making your experience as stress-free as possible.

Leading Edge Dentistry

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We use the latest technology to give you the most effective treatment. It's all about staying at the forefront of innovation so we can provide a truly 21st century service.

The Complete Service

We understand that some people are very nervous about going to the dentist, and they’ll avoid getting vital treatment and end up suffering with all kinds of problems. 

We don’t want you to suffer. 

This is why we provide a sedation service that enables you to be relaxed and comfortable during treatment. It’s great for people with dental phobias. Please go here for more info.