Smile Makeovers

The ultimate in cosmetic dentistry

  • Transform your life
  • Regain your confidence
  • Look 10 years younger
  • Wow people with your smile

Being unhappy with your smile can erode your self-confidence. It prevents you from doing the things you want, like going for a promotion, or going out on dates. But you needn't feel embarrassed anymore. We have the ability to transform your smile so it beams confidence and self-belief.

However, it's important that a smile suits the individual. This is why we take the artist's approach.

We will consider all your facial features

  • Hair and skin colour
  • Facial symmetry
  • The shape of the face
  • The character of the individual

and then design a smile that enhances your natural features.

A smile makeover is the ultimate solution for

  • Short, missing or uneven teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps or Diastema
  • Missing teeth
  • Poorly matched crowns

A smile makeover will transform your life and boost your confidence. And because it fills out the face and provides support for the lip-line, it will make you look younger - naturally! So what are you waiting for - look younger and feel more confident with a complete smile makeover.

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It is always a mine field finding an experienced dentist who consistently delivers a high level of professionalism and quality whilst also being flexible and adapt to my work commitments. I have been lucky to have been treated by Luke in the last couple of years, I would like to thank Luke for his help on my journey to achieving a perfect smile.”

- James Haskell

Team Member Spotlight


Alison Prescott

Practice Manageress & Receptionist

Alison started out as a Dental Nurse (she received a distinction when qualifying) and has been involved in dentistry all her working life. This wealth of experience forms a bedrock upon which the day-to-day management of the practice is based.

She loves working with people, helping them to achieve better lives with excellent oral care. What rewards her the most is seeing a client’s smile being transformed and the happiness it brings them. 

In her spare time Alison enjoys bike-riding with her children, reading, and the occasional drop of vino.